Questioning a WCB premium decision

Every day, our work requires us to make difficult decisions that affect people. As an employer you rely on our commitment to fairness when we make those decisions. And, we must deliver - through clear decisions, consistent interpretation of policy and make sure decisions follow the Workers' Compensation Act.

Appeal process

1. Contact the person who made the decision.
2. If resolution is not achieved, you may request a review in writing to the Dispute Resolution and Decision Review Body (DRDRB), up to one year from the original decision date


Requests for review of a decision or decisions must be complete and include:

  • The name of the employer and account number.
  • The specific decision(s) requiring review, including the date of the decision letter from WCB.
  • The grounds for your disagreement relating to each decision for review. Include relevant facts specific to each decision to support your argument for why the decision should be changed.
  • The specific outcome you are seeking for each decision you wish reviewed.

If your submission is incomplete, it may be returned to you for re-submission.

Request for review form can be completed online.

If you are using a professional representative to act on your behalf, please ensure you or your representatives submit the following:

A current Authorization of an Employers Representative form (C966) (pdf, 432KB) signed by you, if one is not already on file.

A submission made on your behalf by a representative is subject to the same information requirements outlined above. If your submission does not meet the above criteria, it may be returned to you for completion.

3. If you are dissatisfied with the DRDRB's finding, you can appeal in writing to the Appeals Commission for Workers' Compensation. You have one year from the date the DRDRB's finding is made to appeal to Appeals Commission.


Questioning a WCB-Alberta decision fact sheet (pdf, 259KB)