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Physician services

Alberta Medical Association

WCB-Alberta and the Alberta Medical Association have entered into a collaborative partnership for the mutual benefit of injured workers, employers and physicians.

Orthopaedic surgeons and specialist services

Our goal is to implement a reliable, effective and efficient program for orthopaedic surgeons to provide high-quality assessment and treatment to injured workers.

Fee schedule

WCB fee schedule - Alberta Orthopaedics (pdf, 49KB)

Visiting specialist clinics (VSCs)

Visiting specialist clinics (VSCs) provide timely access to surgical consultations or surgeries by medical specialists with unique and widely recognized expertise, resulting in an injured worker’s optimum healing, medical rehabilitation and return to work where possible.

Forms and guides

Visiting specialst clinics forms and guides

Electronic injury reporting

Speed up your payment process by filling in and submitting your forms online. Effective April 1, 2010, WCB will no longer be paying for paper reports. All Alberta physicians, including contracted orthopedic doctors, will only be paid a fee for reports submitted through Electronic Injury Reporting, either online or through a batch vendor. This applies to all reports that are available through electronic submission.

Exemptions may be considered on an individual basis for those physicians meeting specific criteria. For more details on exemptions, contact Health Care Services.

Note: The reports below must be submitted online through the electronic injury reporting system and can include consultation reports as attachments.

  • Physician’s First Report (C-050)
  • Physician’s Progress Report (C-151)
  • Medical Invoice (C-568)
  • Medical Supplies Invoice (C-569)
  • Medical Invoice Correctiont (C-570)

Fee schedule

WCB fee schedule - Alberta physicians (pdf, 65KB)
WCB Billing Rules and Fees (pdf, 310KB)

Forms and guides

You can request WCB forms by using the forms requisition (forms will be mailed to you) or you can print a pdf version of the forms.

Physician forms and guides