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Worker Forms Quantity
WCB 002/C060 Worker Handbook and Worker Report of Injury or Occupational Illness - Print (pdf, 100KB) [Limit of 300]
G-040 Request for Review
Asbestosis Package
C140 Assignment of Compensation - Print (pdf, 49KB)
C504 Progressive Questionnaire - Print (pdf, 29KB)
C169 Worker's Right of Election - Print (pdf, 92KB)
C-1040 Election to Claim Under the AB WCB - Print (pdf, 19KB)
C-078 Worker Request - Change of Direct Deposit - Print (pdf, 31KB)
C-394 Wage Loss - Print (pdf, 31KB)
C-622 Worker Information Release - Print (pdf, 32KB)
C-697 Damaged Eyeglasses Non-Personal Injury - Print (pdf, 47KB)
Employer Forms Quantity
C040 Employer Report of Injury - Print (pdf, 209KB) [Limit of 300]
C545 Physical Demands Analysis - Print (pdf, 182KB)
C606 Employer's Progressive Injury Questionnaire - Print (pdf, 14KB)
WCB009 - Employer Handbook (AOO9) - Print (pdf, 358KB) [Limit of 300]
WCB018 - Employer/Worker Responsibility card - Print (pdf, 61KB)
A321 Individual Earnings Records - Print (pdf, 15KB)
If You Are Injured at Work (1,2,3) Poster - Print (pdf, 314KB)
Asbestosis exposure claim forms - Print (pdf, 287KB)
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