Your case plan & return-to-work options

WCB-Alberta's priority is helping you get back to work. Your adjudicator or case manager will work with you, your employer and health care provider to achieve this objective.

Creating a case plan

Once your claim is approved, we develop a case plan with you and your employer. A case plan is a process to help define clear return-to-work goals and determine how we will achieve those goals. The case plan has distinct phases through which a claim typically progresses:

  1. Entitlement determined: WCB-Alberta confirms claim acceptance.
  2. Case plan defined:Together we determine appropriate treatment and return-to-work options.
  3. Fitness to work determined: We define the standards required for your safe return to work.
  4. Return-to-work status confirmed: We follow up to make sure you have returned to safe and appropriate work.
  5. Case plan conclusion: Determination of long-term WCB-Alberta entitlements, if appropriate.

Returning to work

Your case manager will determine when you are able to return to work based on progress reports from you, your doctor and other health care providers. He or she will contact you to discuss return-to-work options and will check with your employer to determine if there is modified or alternate work you can do. Although your injury may not be fully healed, the right work activity can help you achieve the best return-to-work results.

Return-to-work planning meeting (RTWPM)

A return-to-work planning meeting will help identify suitable work options to help you get back to work while recovering.

This meeting is an opportunity for you to contribute your thoughts, ideas and concerns about your return to work. Your employer and return-to-work service provider will join you at this meeting. Your authorized union rep can also attend if you want.

To help you prepare for your RTWPM, please fill out this prep sheet and bring it with you.

For more details about the RTWPM and its purpose, please read our fact sheet.

Return-to-work services

Return-to-work assessment centres fact sheet (pdf, 233KB) - Participate in a detailed assessment of your current medical and rehabilitation level.

Modified work information

Modified work information and resources.

Other return-to-work and case planning services