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Top file downloads as of Apr 16, 2014

  1. Worker Handbook (pdf, 575KB)
  2. C622: Worker's Authorization of a Representative (pdf, 1.39MB)
  3. C060: Report of Injury or occupational disease form with instructions (pdf, 192KB)
  4. Permanent Disability Compensation and Pensions fact sheet (pdf, 280KB)
  5. T5007 Statement of Benefits (pdf, 194KB)

Worker publications

  • Worker Handbook (includes injury reporting form, Automobile accident report form, and Information release form) (pdf, 575KB)
  • Worker fact sheets
  • 2014 pension payment calendar (pdf, 132KB)
  • Back to basics (pdf, 82KB) This booklet will help you get to know your back better, to understand why back pain occurs, how to manage it and how to maintain good back health.
  • Office ergonomics (pdf, 273KB) - The introduction of an office ergonomics program is a small but significant step toward reducing work injury in the office. This booklet contains suggestions to help get you started.
  • The shoulder book (pdf, 823KB) - This booklet will help you better understand the anatomy of your shoulder and your shoulder injury during recovery.
  • Working safely behind the wheel (pdf, 470KB) - Keeping Alberta streets and highways safe is everyone’s responsibility. Working Safely Behind the Wheel is designed to get drivers thinking about their driving habits and the consequences of bad driving.

Worker injury reporting form

Worker forms (A - Z)

You can order WCB publications and forms online and have them mailed to you.

Please note: The minimum order for any single type of publication or form is ten (with the exception of Worker Handbook). You can also print a pdf of the publications and forms.