Responsibilities when an accident occurs

It is critical that workers, employers and health care providers work together to ensure a safe return to work.

Your responsibilities

  1. Report: If you are injured at work, complete an injury report.
  2. Communicate: Maintain ongoing communication with WCB-Alberta and your employer to help plan for your return to work.
  3. Listen: Follow the advice of health care providers to help you recover as quickly as possible.

NOTE: Use your claim number when you write letters or call WCB-Alberta.

Your employer's responsibilities

  1. Work with you to prevent injuries and illnesses, and inform you about the coverage you have and the benefits to which you are entitled under workers' compensation legislation, as detailed in the Worker Handbook (pdf, 575KB).
  2. Record and report injuries; your employer has 72 hours to report your claim once they know about your injury. He or she must pay your wage losses for the day the injury occurred and must provide transportation to a medical facility if needed.
  3. Help you return to work by offering modified work that is meaningful and suitable to your skills and abilities.

Your treatment provider's responsibilities

  1. Report your injury to WCB-Alberta.
  2. Treat your injury and keep you well-informed on how you can help your own recovery.
  3. Maintain regular contact with WCB-Alberta and your employer to update your progress and to help in your return-to-work planning.