A new opportunity through job connections

Job Connections is a simple online tool that helps permanently injured workers find new career opportunities. This platform allows users to search for job postings by location, travel distance and travel time, access training on the job and make a new start.

Starting over—it can be scary but doable.

For Benjamin Ploner, it was a struggle to go to work every day. Working as a critical care paramedic in air and ground ambulance, he cared for extremely sick people. It was a high-pressure environment and over time it took a toll on him. Suffering from stress, sleep deprivation, and flashbacks, he was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Something needed to change.

photo of Benjamin smiling

Road to recovery

Unable to return to his job, he needed assistance to get better and to find a new career path. With help from Andrea Mendes, his re-employment specialist, he found a new position offering training on the job (TOJ) through Job Connections. Within a short time frame, he started his new job as a shop helper at Waterhouse Mechanical, a plumbing company, and has an opportunity to start as an apprentice plumber in the coming months. The TOJ program covered all personal protective equipment (PPE), safety courses and tools that Benjamin needed for his new career.

Online platform helping employers find workers

Tanis Meaver, health and safety administrator and office admin at Waterhouse Mechanical, said it was very easy to find suitable job candidates through Job Connections.

“It wasn’t even three days after we posted when WCB called us about Benjamin,” Tanis shares. “For me it was helpful when Andrea phoned me and said he was a great candidate. It means more than any resume that comes across my desk. Finding out some history about that person and knowing someone is willing to make that change and start a new career direction. I think that is wonderful. To me it was a win-win.”

New career and a fresh start

Job Connections led Benjamin to his new career and he felt supported every step of the way. “Without the support of WCB’s staff, I don’t know how I would have switched careers,” Benjamin says. “Andrea was very personable and helpful. She got me set up with the safety courses and certificates that I needed for the new job.”

Benjamin is fitting in well at his new job and is looking forward to building a career in this new trade. “From day one he has been wonderful,” Tanis adds. “We had orientation and went over the different branches this industry offers. He is willing to get his certificate, which opens doors to new opportunities. It was great to hear he was excited for the future and that his career doesn’t stop at a journeyman. There is still more after that.”

Job Connections allowed Benjamin to find a suitable TOJ employer and to start a new job that he loves.

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