Our pillars and priorities

We are committed to delivering a stable workers’ compensation system that withstands the test of unstable times. Today, your workers’ compensation system is here for you. With the right priorities and careful planning, we’re ensuring the system will be here for you in the future, too.

Exceptional service


Our partners deserve exceptional service—an experience that empowers and connects workers, employers and health care providers through collaborative and inclusive processes. We’re truly in this together.

Fair and balanced


Our commitment to maintaining a fair and balanced system permeates everything we do and every decision we make. Every worker and employer is a valued participant in the services we deliver, and they can trust us to be transparent and responsive to their needs.

Financial sustainability


We aim to strike the right balance between the security of injured-worker benefits and cost-effective premiums for employers. Financial sustainability ensures we can deliver the benefits and services our customers need, when they need them. Through a challenging year, the workers’ compensation system remains sustainable and reliable.

Our focus, goals and results

We set yearly objectives in support of our strategic plan. These objectives help ensure we can deliver the support Albertans need, when they need us the most.

A shared service journey

Changing nature of work

Changing nature of claims

Technology and innovation