Our leaders

Under the guidance of our Board of Directors, our executive team sets the tone and direction for our organization. 

They provide our staff with the experience and leadership needed to provide the sustainable and reliable support our clients need and deserve.

In the extraordinary year that was 2020, what stood out for our leaders?

Trevor Alexander 
President & CEO

"They say heroes are made in times of adversity and we saw so many examples of that in 2020. Together as Albertans we faced unprecedented challenges and I am so impressed by our collective resilience."

Wendy King 
Senior Vice President, Operations and Innovation 

"No matter the problem, there was bound to be a creative solution. Without hesitation, we worked to find it. Albertans proved they’re resilient and so did we."

Ron Helmhold 
Chief Financial Officer
"WCB has always valued teamwork. This year we found new ways to connect and strengthen that culture of collaboration—even when we’re far apart."
Tarick Ahmad
Chief Technology Officer

"Last year we reshaped how we worked, learned new technologies and focused on solutions. We didn’t just adapt. We excelled."

Roxy Shulha-McKay 
Vice President, Employee and Corporate Services 

"Through the initial shutdown and evolving restrictions, I’m incredibly proud of how we pulled together to keep our staff and clients safe. Our focus on safety and customer service never wavered."

Marcela Matthew
Vice President, Millard Health and Special Care Services 
"It was an inspiring year to be a leader; the very best in people shone through. Our staff demonstrated patience when things moved quickly around them and showed compassion for our clients through the tough times."
William Ostapek
Secretary and General Counsel

"I’m most proud of our steadfast commitment to our customers. We managed to provide the same essential services our clients rely on, with the same high standard they expect from us."