Our priorities and focus

We are committed to delivering a stable workers’ compensation system that serves and supports Albertans. Even during uncertain times, our priorities guide us to ensure we deliver a workers’ compensation system that meets the needs of injured workers, employers and health care providers today and tomorrow.

Our steadfast commitment to exceptional service, upholding a fair and balanced system and maintaining our financial sustainability ensures we’re moving the system forward in ways that meet our customers’ fundamental needs. Through another challenging year, the workers’ compensation system continued to provide the stability and reliability that Albertans deserve.

Exceptional service


Fair and balanced


Financial sustainability


In 2021, we created new ways of doing things while staying rooted in these three guiding priorities. Each year we form new objectives in support of our strategic plan; though the objectives were new, our four primary areas of focus remained consistent.

Our shared service journey recognizes that everyone—workers, employers and treatment providers—must work together to achieve successful return to work. Advancing technology makes collaboration easier than ever, ensuring stakeholders can be active and engaged participants at every stage of a claim or management of their account.

The job market continues to evolve and so does the changing nature of work. We strive to find creative and meaningful opportunities for workers to return to the workplace after an injury, whether they’re returning to their date-of-accident job or following a new career path.

The number of psychological injury claims continues to grow. We are using new research, leveraging technology and developing training in response to the changing nature of claims. We’re working to identify these often-complex claims earlier and provide timely intervention and support.

Finally, we continue to evolve and modernize our business through the use of technology, creating a seamless and intuitive experience for clients and staff alike. We’re working to share information in new, interactive ways and ensure transparency and accessibility for all users.

Our goals and results

We set yearly objectives to help move the workers’ compensation system forward. These objectives support our strategic plan and help ensure our services meet our clients’ needs, now and into the future.


Our financial results summarize our 2021 performance and reflect our commitment to a sustainable and cost-effective system for the workers and employers who rely on us.