Explain Pain

This is a two-day interactive seminar with Ben Boyd, who is currently an Associate Professor at Samuel Merritt University in Oakland, California.

Knowledge is power. In the new series of Explain Pain courses delivered by Neuro Orthopaedic Institute (NOI) instructors around the world, contemporary pain sciences are made accessible and understandable for all. We know more about pain in the last twenty years than in the thousand years before and it’s all providing answers to “why do I hurt the way I do” and “what can I do about it”. The knowledge is applicable to young and old, from back pain to hemiplegia and general aching to the complexities of phantom pain and complex regional pain syndrome.

Explain Pain works to reduce catastrophization and negative pain beliefs and when combined with active treatment, reduces pain and enhances return to work and play. Explain Pain has no side effects, is available around the clock, and you can share the knowledge and strategies with others.

Don’t miss this opportunity. NOI Explain Pain courses are fun, intellectually stimulating, based on evidence, always challenging, and integrate the Explain Pain ecosystem of Explain PainThe Explain Pain Handbook: Protectometer, and Explain Pain Supercharged. You will come away with the most impressive therapeutic tool set ever!


A strength of the Explain Pain course is that participants come from many professions, so come with an open mind. Pre-reading the Explain Pain Second Edition book would also be beneficial. Other related reading: Moseley GL & Butler DS (2015) Fifteen years of Explaining Pain: the past, the present and future. J Pain 16, 803-13.


By the end of this course participants will:

  1. Reconceptualise pain and stress based on neuroimmunology, modern pain sciences and bioplasticity of homeostatic systems.
  2. Construct a conceptual change framework to deliver individual and group educational therapy.
  3. Gain an understanding of the growing evidence for Explain Pain and recognize opportunities to integrate Explain Pain with other biopsychosocial evidence based strategies.
  4. Gather a collection of therapeutic narratives using metaphor, literal story and linked multimedia, and the skills to construct patient-centred education interventions in real time.
  5. Develop the skills to use the Protectometer to identify immediately applicable and educationally informed multimodal treatment strategies.
  6. Build the confidence to plan and deliver treatment for all patients with persistent pain and stress, and educate other stakeholders.

January 18-19, 2020

Cost (subject to change)

$650 plus GST for the two-day workshop


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If you have any questions, please call us at 780-498-3373 or email millardmail@wcb.ab.ca

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