Prolonged exposure therapy workshop

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In this intensive workshop, Dr. Elna Yadin, formerly from the Center for the Treatment and Study of Anxiety and currently on the clinical faculty of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania, provides thorough instruction on how to implement prolonged exposure therapy for survivors of trauma.

At the end of the workshop, participants know how to facilitate effective emotional engagement during imaginal exposure, how to conduct prolonged exposure therapy with patients suffering from all types of trauma and how to modify standard procedures in order to titrate emotional responses. Participants also construct an in-vivo exposure hierarchy that includes a range of situations that safely and effectively promote learning while expanding the client’s world.

Who should attend

Psychologists, occupational therapists, social workers, registered nurses and trainers with prior experience working with trauma survivors.

What is covered:
  • The diagnosis and psychopathology of PTSD.
  • Empirically-supported psychotheraputic treatments for chronic PTSD and the comparative efficacy of these treatment approaches.
  • How clients are helped to emotionally engage in and process traumatic memories, with the aim of reducing trauma-related symptoms and difficulties.
  • How to implement all of the treatment components of prolonged exposure therapy for PTSD: psychoeducation, breathing training, in-vivo exposure to safe but avoided trauma reminders and imaginal exposure to memories of traumatic events.
  • Detailed case vignettes are presented that illustrate use of prolonged exposure therapy in the treatment of trauma survivors with chronic PTSD.
  • Segments of videotaped therapy sessions conducted by experts that illustrate all prolonged exposure therapy components.
  • Practice prolonged exposure therapy procedures (e.g. presentation of therapy rationale to clients, building of in-vivo exposure hierarchy) with other attendees with feedback from faculty trainer.
Cost (subject to change)

$1,207.50 (includes GST) per delegate for four-day workshop
$603.75 (includes GST) per delegate for two-day workshop*

Includes: workshop, detailed treatment manuals and supporting materials used in providing the therapy and refreshments/snacks during breaks.


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*Participants can attend the first two days of this workshop if interested in learning about prolonged exposure therapy, but do not plan on administering the treatment technique in practice. Participants who want to receive certification and plan to administer PE Therapy must attend the full four-day workshop.

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