For elected officials

WCB is here to help injured workers return to their job and feel like themselves again. Funded by employers, we cover workers for lost income and coordinate the health care and other services they need to get better after a work injury.

We care about our clients' experience when working with us and are committed to delivering service that is respectful, timely and compassionate. Our Code of Rights and Conduct details our commitment and holds us accountable in our interactions with Albertans.

How we will help

If your constituent has questions or concerns about their experience with WCB, we will work with you, your constituent and WCB’s Customer Service department to resolve issues and answer any questions you may have.

Get in touch with us

Call us at 780-498-4500, email or simply fill out this form..

Key Resources

In this section, you’ll find a brief description and links to resources we think might be of interest or use to you or your constituents.

  • Life of a claim tour - let our staff guide you through the life of a claim. This tour helps build an understanding of the system and how we aim to help workers recover. Contact us to schedule a tour.
  • Worker handbook
    Your guide to the WCB-Alberta experience; includes injury reporting form, automobile accident report form, and information release form.
  • Employer handbook
    Provides more information on injury reporting, what to do after an injury, and claim management.
  • Learn more about the employers’ obligation to return injured workers to work (and workers’ responsibility to cooperate) in our worker and employer fact sheets.