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Benefits during your claim

Once your claim is accepted you may be entitled to benefits. These can vary depending on the seriousness of your work injury as well as the impact of it on your ability to continue working. Your adjudicator and/or case manager will review your claim to ensure that you receive the right benefits at the right time during your recovery.

The following sections provide more information on the benefits you may be entitled to and how they are paid to you. You can also find information on re-employment benefits, to help cover the costs of any employment services you require as a result of your workplace injury or illness, under the return to work section.

Wage replacement

Wage replacement refers to replacing lost income resulting from your workplace injury or illness. These benefits are based on 90 per cent of your net earnings, up to a maximum amount set by WCB's Board of Directors for the year of your accident.

Medical benefits

We will cover the costs of medical care you need as a result of your workplace injury or illness.

Fatality and survivor benefits

A workplace fatality is a tragedy and difficult time for the surviving spouse, partner or family. We are here to help in every way we can.

Expense reimbursement

You may be able to claim reimbursements for other costs such as for travel, personal care, vehicle modification, and home modifications.