Bid and vendor information

Competitive bidding opportunities

To obtain the variety of goods, services and construction needed to support our business, we use competitive bidding processes. We comply with the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) and New West Partnership Trade Agreement (NWPTA), which requires we go to tender for purchases with the following values:

  • goods over $10,000
  • services over $75,000
  • construction over $100,000

Contracts are awarded based on bids that provide the best value for each dollar spent. Evaluation criteria and methods are identified in each bid package and may differ based on the type of bid and project requirements.

All open bid competitions are listed under the categories below. If you'd like to place a bid, the complete bid package can be accessed through Alberta Purchasing Connection (APC).

If you would like to be notified when relevant bid opportunities are posted, please send us the following information.


For questions regarding our competitive bidding opportunities or how to become a vendor with WCB, contact our Contracting and Procurement Services department.

Please refer to your bid package for instructions to submit your bid.

For our mailing and delivery addresses, please visit Contact us.

Our GST exemption number is #R124072513.

Other department contacts for vendors and suppliers

Medical equipment for our injured workers is rented and purchased by our Medical Aid department.

Goods and services for our treatment centre, Millard Health, are purchased through our Millard Health Business Office.

Invoice inquiries and questions about non-claim-related supplier payments can be directed to our Accounts Payable department.


Standard terms and conditions