Success stories

Worker stories

Everyone has a story to tell. Here you'll find inspiring success stories about injured Albertans and the challenges they've faced in their recoveries. Each of their stories is different but they all share the same goal—their focus was not only on getting back to work, but also getting back to the things that are important to them in their lives.

Mike’s back on the job after a life-changing injury
Mike’s employers weren’t willing to let an injury sideline a valued employee, so they made adjustments to his role and responsibilities to keep him on board.

Training on the job supports a shift into a new industry
Mark Ackland worked hard as a rakerman—shaving asphalt for over 12 years—until a life-altering accident on the job.

Nigel recalibrates his career path
A motivated worker rediscovers a new feeling of accomplishment through training on the job.

Years of experience and on-the-job training leads Jack to a new opportunity
Jack Tocher was told he would never drive a truck again. But thanks to our Training-on-the-job program, he’s now sharing his knowledge with the next generation of drivers.

Leanne's battle with COVID
Front line worker Leanne’s battle with COVID is complicated, inconvenient and life changing.

Workplace injuries can happen in an instant, others over time
As an emergency medical technician, Jacob’s psychological injury resulted from a steady buildup of traumatic experiences.

After a fall, Matt rose to the challenge
Construction foreman Matt Ramsay credits determination, unrelenting effort and collaborative return-to-work planning for helping him defy the odds.

An invisible injury is still an injury
Dawn's injury wasn't caused by a single incident, but a whole career.

Turning a hobby into a new career
Dario discovers a new career through the training-on-the-job program.

Back in the saddle again
After a horrific accident, Lonny Maas is doing what he loves.

No longer in the dark
After a workplace accident took his sight, Barry Weatherall has a new vision for his life.

Rescuing first responders from PTSD
Joining forces to help first responders recover and return to work.

And baby makes three!
Quadriplegia didn't stop injured worker Mike Barker from realizing the joys of becoming a father.

Crushed by a combine
Crushed in a farming accident, Justin finds a new career.

Slowed, but not stopped
Kathryn Wilson's focus was on getting back to the life she loves.

Injury closed one door, but opened another
A career change takes Mohammad Kokab from uncertainty to happiness.

The strength of a mother's love
Marina Cartier didn't let her injury slow her down.

Getting back to racing shape
Modified work got Keith Bradley back to the job he loved.

Employer stories

These employers inspire with their commitment to helping their injured workers get back to work safely. They continue to build safer workplaces by tapping into the available resources. Not only does this help reduce workplace injuries, it also provides a great support system for their workers if injuries happen.

Part of a larger vision in the trucking industry
An innovative way to build a company’s safety training program.

Wired for safety
Power line construction firm plugged in to injury prevention.

Drilling down to the safety core
Safety's at the core of Trinidad Drilling.

Leading the safety charge
St. Albert keeps its eyes on the prize—its employees.

Back health is company's core safety message
Deb Pineda does the heavy lifting educating Purolator staff.

From a 'wow' to a 'win-win'
Town of Barrhead turns the corner on skyrocketing claim costs.