Fact sheets

This series of fact sheets provides information for workers on a variety of topics.


Claims and benefits

  • Claims process
    Learn what to do if you've been hurt at work, including your responsibilities at each stage of the claims process.
  • Cost of living adjustment (2018)
    It's important that your wage loss benefits fairly reflect what your earnings were at the time of your accident. The annual cost of living adjustment (COLA) shows your date-of-accident earnings in current dollars so today's benefits reflect your real wage loss.
  • Determining compensation
    This fact sheet outlines how your compensation rate is set, including factors that can impact your rate.
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  • Hearing loss - general
    Information about different types of hearing loss and how WCB determines work-relatedness.
  • Hospitalization benefits
    Learn about the costs covered by WCB if you have to be hospitalized for a work-related injury or illness.
  • Permanent clinical impairment
    Some injuries can result in permanent disability. Learn about how we determine if a disability is permanent and the benefits available.
  • Permanent disability compensation
    If you have suffered a work-related injury that permanently impacted your ability to work, you may be eligible for permanent disability compensation.
  • Personal care allowance (PCA)
    If you've been severely injured, you may be entitled to additional support to help you continue to live at home. Learn about the benefits that might be available and how eligibility and needs are determined.
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  • Personal care allowance (PCA) payment dates
    Find out exactly when you can expect to receive your PCA payment each month.
  • Protecting the workers' compensation system
    When someone is intentionally dishonest to obtain money or services to which they are not entitled, there are repercussions for all of us. Find out more about how you can help protect the workers' compensation system from misuse.
  • Requesting a claim file
    You are entitled to request a copy of your claim file at any time. Find out how to do so.
  • T5007 statement of benefits
    This fact sheet provides information about your T5007 statement of benefits and who to contact if you need to change incorrect information.
  • Travel costs
    Depending on your medical needs and location, you may need to travel to receive medical care. This fact sheet outlines the acceptable expenses and how to claim them.
  • Vehicle purchase and modifications
    If you've been permanently injured and require the use of a wheelchair, you may be eligible for a modified vehicle. This fact sheet provides information about how this benefit is determined and what the benefit includes.
  • Wheelchair costs
    Learn about wheelchair costs including eligibility, maintenance and repairs, how we assess your wheelchair needs and who to contact for more information.
  • Work-related fatalities (survivor benefits)
    Workplace fatalities are a loss felt by everyone, especially by those directly impacted. This fact sheet outlines supports and costs covered to help families through this difficult time.


  • Contact with blood and other bodily fluids
    Learn about the risks of exposure to blood and other bodily fluids and what to do if this happens to you at work.
  • Employer-provided premises
    If you've hurt yourself on your employer's premises and you aren't sure if your activity was related to your work, these scenarios will help you understand the factors we consider to decide entitlement.
  • Employer-provided transportation
    In some circumstances, if you're injured during your commute you could be covered. Learn about the factors considered to determine workers’ compensation coverage in several different situations.
  • Firefighters with cancer
    If you are (or have been) a firefighter and have developed a primary site cancer, the cancer may be presumed to be work-related and you may be entitled to workers' compensation benefits.
  • Good samaritan acts
    Learn what a good samaritan act is and when it would be covered by WCB.
  • Interprovincial transportation
    WCB Alberta has an agreement with Canada’s provincial and territorial workers’ compensation authorities for workers and employers whose business take them into more than one jurisdiction. WCBs across Canada have simplified the registration and premium payment process for workers in specified transportation industries.
  • Out-of-province accidents
    Learn what to do if you are injured in another Canadian province or territory outside of Alberta.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
    PTSD is a serious psychological injury that can have debilitating impacts. This fact sheet offers information about filing a PTSD claim and the presumptive coverage provided to first responders.
  • Student coverage
    Learn about workers' compensation coverage for students in college or university.
  • Temporary foreign workers
    Learn about workers' compensation coverage for temporary foreign workers.

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Privacy legislation

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