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It's easier than ever to manage your WCB claims and account

With myWCB, you have access to both the myWCB employer mobile app and myWCB employer portal to help you manage your claims and account. You can use both tools or the one that works best for your business needs:

Convenient for those on the go with a smaller number of active claims (e.g., less than 10), who may need to get a clearance or make a payment while out in the field.

With the myWCB mobile app, you can:

  • Report an injury from wherever you are.
  • Receive notifications when one of your workers reports an injury.
  • Identify return-to-work opportunities and create a return-to-work offer letter for your injured worker.
  • View physical ability status reports for workers with active time loss claims.
  • Request real-time clearance letters on an account and view your account's status.
  • Check the balance of your account, make payments and receive payment notifications.
  • Change your payment schedule to better suit your business needs, which includes a monthly schedule option when you sign up for pre-authorized debit.
  • Adjust your coverage, revise payroll and update your account details.
  • Connect with us directly, by sending a message or requesting a phone call.

Download the app to get started today. Now available in the App Store and Google Play.

Provides more comprehensive claim and return-to-work support for those who manage larger active claim volumes (e.g., 10 or more).

With the myWCB employer portal, you can:

  • Report an injury, get a clearance, pay your premiums, adjust your coverage and more.
  • Receive reminders when you need to submit an injury report.
  • Access key claim and account details to easily identify where you may need to take action on your account, active claims and disability management decisions.
  • Gain insights from interactive dashboards that can help you find opportunities to lower your premiums and help your workers achieve their best return-to-work outcomes.
  • Take advantage of the new premium simulator tool to see how your performance impacts the premiums you pay.
  • Compare your performance to industry with the help of key performance indicators.
  • Connect with resources that can help further improve outcomes.
  • Easily send a message or request a phone call for one-on-one help from our claim and account experts.

Sign up or log into myWCB to access the employer portal.

Please note:

  • At this time, injury reports started in one tool need to be completed in the same tool (e.g., drafts started in the mobile app will not appear in the employer portal).
  • If you would like to receive fitness-for-work updates on a new claim, please submit the injury report in the employer portal (these updates are not yet available in the mobile app).

Direct links to the services you may need in myWCB:

Get a clearance letter

Request and receive clearance letters when you need them. Clearance letters state whether a WCB account is in good standing.

Get coverage

If you employ workers in Alberta or would like personal coverage as an owner, partner or director, you can sign up for a WCB account online. Fill out the WCB account registration form and you will receive a confirmation number for your records. We'll follow up with you within three to five business days to notify you of your account status.

Pay your premiums

You can pay your premiums by Visa, Visa debit, or Mastercard.

Obtain industry statistics

View reports on assessable earnings by industry.

File your annual return

Each year you must report your workers' assessable earnings paid in the current year along with an estimate of the earnings you expect to pay in the upcoming year. To find out more about filing your annual return, visit our annual returns page.

myWCB is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, except during short outages for maintenance. View our maintenance schedule for myWCB .

For system requirements visit our help page.