Physical injuries

Work is a part of your life, and a workplace injury can disrupt your life's routine. Our goal is to help you recover quickly so you can return to work and to life. To achieve this goal we offer specialized injury support if you are recovering from a back, shoulder, psychological or severe injury.

Back injuries

Your back is one of the strongest parts of your body. It’s always there supporting you, every second of every day. If you've hurt your back at work you may be wondering what you can and cannot do. We are here to help you and can arrange a specialized back exam, completed by a physician with extra training in back injury management.

This exam identifies the medical support you need to get you back to work safely and as soon as possible. Your family physician will receive the results of your exam to ensure that you get the right treatment at the right time.

Shoulder program

If you injure your shoulder at work, you will likely hear about our shoulder injury program. This program starts with a specialized shoulder exam by a physician who is specially trained in shoulder injuries. This exam will look at your abilities as well as any treatment you may need to get back to work as soon as it is medically safe for you to do so.

Your family physician will know the results of your exam. We will work closely with you and your case manager (or adjudicator) to provide you with the best options to help you manage your injury and get back to work safely.