The claims process

Minor or severe, workplace injuries affect the lives of those who are hurt, and their families. We understand the impact these injuries can have and we're here to help. We work with those who have been hurt on the job, their employers and health care providers, helping them return to work and a productive life as quickly and safely as possible.

Getting a claim started is the first step. Learn more about the process and responsibilities for everyone involved.

For workers

Once you have reported your injury or illness to your employer and WCB, we will review your claim. This review includes making initial decisions on benefits and informing you of the status of your claim. If an adjudicator or case manager is assigned to your claim, they will be your contact at WCB—you can call them directly for all questions or updates on your claim.

For employers

Notifying WCB of a worker's injury and partnering with us to provide safe return-to-work options are all important ways that employers are involved in the claims process. Partnering with you to manage claims is key to Alberta's strong workers' compensation system.

For health care providers

Once you have submitted your patient's injury report to us, or become involved in an injured worker's treatment, we will work with you to ensure timely and quality care that supports a safe return to work.