For workers

If you have been injured at work, it's your right to report it. Tell your employer the details about your injury. Your employer will notify WCB about your injury if the treatment required is anything beyond first aid or if you missed time from work. It is also important you submit your report of injury to WCB.

You can report your injury either online or by fax.

Option 1: Report online

Reporting online is the fastest and easiest way to report your injury.

Electronic injury reporting is a quick, online way for you to report your injury to WCB. The system will guide you through the reporting process and provide online help along the way.

For an overview of how to report online see our instructional video.

In some situations, you will need to submit additional information along with your report of injury or occupational disease form. These scenarios include:

Report an injury online.

Option 2: Report by fax

If you are not able to access online services, you can report by fax by completing the worker report of injury or occupational disease form.

To submit additional information, mail or fax the completed forms below to:
WCB-Alberta PO Box 2415, Edmonton, AB T5J 2S5 or Fax: 780-427-5863

Please ensure you include any additional documents that are required.

It's your right to report a workplace injury.

If you feel like you've been pressured not to report your injury, let us know by completing our confidential form.