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Authorized provider
Non-authorized provider


Note: WCB-Alberta has adopted the current Alberta Blue Cross (ABC) dental fee guide for generalists and specialists. Please contact ABC for a copy of it.

WCB-Alberta reimburses dental rates according to this schedule, which outlines rates for different disciplines within the dental industry. When specialist rates are applied, they’re paid at the maximum rate indicated by the ABC fee guide.


Note: WCB pays denturist fees at 90 per cent of the rates set out by the Denturist Association of Alberta (DAA). For information on these rates, please contact DAA.

  • Denturist guide - C617
    Summarizes treatment authorization and reporting guidelines for denturist providers.
  • Denturist report - C884
    Use this report to summarize your worker’s injury, proposed treatment regimen and prognosis. It can also be used to summarize final findings when your worker is discharged from treatment.

ESL (English as a second language) providers

Hearing aid practitioners/audiologists

Home health care providers

Master level social workers

Nurse practitioners

Occupational Injury Service (OIS)

Our OIS resources page has all the forms and materials you need for your OIS clinic.

Occupational therapists

Accident profiles
Exposure therapy and cognitive therapy
General assessments
Hand therapy
Home maintenance, home modification & housekeeping
Incident report
Personal care & home equipment
Seating/pressure assessments
Vehicle modifications



Opioid management


Authorized provider
Non-authorized provider

Prosthetic and orthotic providers

Psychologists and social workers

Electronic reporting is now available for WCB-contracted psychology providers.

Interested in becoming a WCB-contracted provider? Email for assistance.

Family or joint counselling

Return-to-work providers

Translators and interpreters