Health care services

Treating your illness or injury may require a variety of health care services. We will help you return to work as quickly and safely as possible by coordinating the treatment you need.

Expedited services

We have partnered with various health care providers to help you get quick access to the services you need to recover and get back to work. The services we can expedite are key diagnostic testing, assessments or services, including:

  • computerized tomography (CT) scans,
  • magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and
  • bone scans.

We also have access to orthopaedic, plastic and general surgeons to ensure faster access to certain surgical consultations and procedures. Referrals are intended for surgical cases only and can be made at any time during a claim. All referrals must be requested in writing by a physician. The referral should identify the service and rationale in reporting to WCB. Your case manager will review the request and respond back if the service can be expedited.

Regardless of your injury, physical or psychological, we are here to help you recover and return to work. If you have any questions, please contact us.