Prevention services

Learn how to take an active approach to prevent and manage injuries at your workplace.

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Ergonomic services

Proper ergonomics can prevent and reduce the costs associated with injuries. Ergonomic services assess work-station setup and identify possible risks associated with work habits and postures. Improvements may include: accessories, work-station setup, safe work practices, changes to how you do your job or education on correct body mechanics.

Work site education

Injury prevention and keeping your worker on the job are the focus of worksite education. We provide instruction in back and shoulder care, lifting techniques, job-specific stretching programs and ergonomics. Programs can be developed to suit the specific needs of your organization.

Physical demands analysis

A physical demands analysis outlines the job tasks, determines physical requirements and identifies modified-work opportunities for a specific position. Each position is assessed by a skilled clinician with experience in functional and jobsite analysis. Having a physical demands analysis in place strengthens your modified work program and is helpful if an injury occurs.

Post-offer pre-employment screening

This screen includes a medical exam and a functional assessment to determine whether a worker is able to safely and consistently perform the requirements of the job.