Treatment programs

Millard Health offers a wide range of treatment programs to help you recover from your injury. We started treating people in 1952 and our focus on recovery and return to work has never changed

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Physiotherapy focuses on treatment during the early stages of recovery. Your therapist will provide education, exercises and apply other treatments as necessary to reduce swelling, improve range of motion and increase strength. Our treatment will give you the tools you need to improve your function and get back to work.

Brain injury program

A psychologist and physical rehabilitation team will assess your head injury and determine the best treatment to help you recover. Our goal is to address the psychological, emotional and physical symptoms associated with your injury. Counselling and education is also available for you and your family.

Complex return-to-work program

This program is designed for people dealing with a long recovery, significant pain or psychological concerns. A team of professionals will teach you how to manage your pain and help you improve your physical abilities and quality of life. They will also teach coping skills to manage stress, help improve sleep patterns and encourage healthy lifestyle practices.

Hand therapy

A hand therapist will develop a treatment plan that could include special exercises, splints, activities to reduce joint sensitivity or changes to everyday tools.

Interdisciplinary return-to-work program

In this program, you may work with a physiotherapist, occupational therapist and an exercise therapist to improve your physical and functional abilities. Activities may include stretching and strengthening program, cardiovascular training, occupational or physical therapy. The program includes return-to-work planning and may address psychosocial issues as required. Psychological and educational workshops are available if you're having trouble coping with your injury, sleep, anger or stress.

Traumatic psychological injury program

This program provides treatment for those experiencing symptoms of post-traumatic stress. You will work with a psychologist to help you deal with the physical and mental impacts of your injury. You may work with a physiotherapist, occupational therapist and an exercise therapist to improve your physical and functional abilities. In our supportive environment and through activities such as exposure therapy, we will teach you how to feel comfortable at work again.


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