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July 7, 2020

2020 Policy Project Plan

Each year, the policy project plan identifies the policy reviews planned for the coming year. The 2020 Policy Project Plan includes the Government of Alberta's legislated review that is scheduled to take place this year and completion of the projects that began in 2019. Due to COVID-19, much of our project work has been deferred with the exception of the pending legislated review and some work on our employer services policies, which was completed prior to the pandemic being declared. We are looking at the impacts of COVID-19 and will share updates as they become available.

April 7, 2020

Policy Update

Dividends as earnings for personal coverage holders

When establishing the compensation rate for personal coverage holders, dividends may now be considered earnings when they are paid in lieu of salary, as remuneration for work performed in the company.

Splitting and extending personal coverage

To ease administrative burden for employers, personal coverage holders with multiple accounts or industries are now able to extend their personal coverage to all of their operations under one account.

The updated policies also include non-substantive changes (e.g., updates to reflect legislation; clarification of terms and coverage; updates to references, language, and numbering).

Policies and Information Manual updated April 7, 2020. Find the complete update here.

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