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October 14, 2020

COVID-19 support for employers

As part of WCB’s COVID-19 support for employers, we have updated Policy 07-02, Part II, Application 2 – Experience Rating, Question 14. A non-substantive amendment expands the state of emergency provisions to include a state of emergency declared under the Public Health Act, or other enabling legislation. We have also included criteria for recording claims as no-time-loss when the only reason they became lost time was due to modified work not being available during a shutdown. Although there are no actual costs to relieve, the status of the claim on the experience record will be changed, which can impact premiums. View policy.

Find out more in the COVID-19 cost relief Q&A.

2020 Policy Project Plan

The focus of the 2020 Policy Project Plan is on the Government of Alberta (GOA) legislative review and on completing projects that began in 2019. Due to COVID-19, we had to defer work on several projects, while others have been able to move forward. Find out more in the 2020 plan update..

September 29, 2020

Policy now open for consultation

Policy 04-04, Part II, Application 5 — permanent disability awards (pensions) for pre-1995 claims is open for consultation on pension midpointing until December 1, 2020. Review draft policy and provide your feedback.

Policies and Information Manual updated October 14, 2020. Find the complete update here

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