Our focus

Our vision (the ideal state):

Albertans working—a safe, healthy and strong Alberta.

Our mission (what we're doing to make it a reality):

WCB-Alberta, working together with our partners, will significantly and measurably reduce the impact of workplace illness and injury on Albertans.

Our values (who we aim to be):

Service, care, excellence, trust and fairness. These are our core values. These values are fundamental to who we are, the service we provide to our clients and how we work together. We aim to live these values every day.

Service: We contribute to each other’s well-being and provide the support people need, when they need it.

Care: We are eager to help others. Our clients and staff are people with families, hopes, dreams and dignity. We all have unique needs worthy of empathy and understanding.

Excellence: We strive to excel in every aspect of our business, but excellence doesn’t mean we’re perfect. We’re constantly learning, growing and improving.

Trust: We are consistent, fair and reliable. We deliver on our commitments and own our mistakes so we can build trust in our system – one interaction at a time. We extend trust to our clients and to each other.

Fairness: We’re guided by balance and impartiality. We achieve this through open and honest communication, listening to our clients (and each other) and treating each other with dignity and respect.

Our guiding principles (what leads us):

The world we live in is continually changing; as people and as organizations, we are constantly challenged to improve. At WCB-Alberta, we want to get better at what we do because our work impacts the lives of Albertans and their families.

To help us do this, we focus on three principles that ensure injured workers, employers and health care providers feel engaged in their workers’ compensation system.


We are committed to delivering service that reflects the needs of workers and their employers. By working together with our partners, we can deliver outcomes that ensure the system works well for Albertans and leads the country in efficiency, effectiveness and experience.


We are the neutral custodians of the workers’ compensation system in Alberta. We strive to build trust among all system partners through decisions that are fair and balanced, grounded in evidence, and fully transparent.

Financially sustainable     BALANCED | ENDURING | COST-EFFECTIVE

Through financial sustainability, we ensure the workers’ compensation system is a reliable source of support for workers and employers now and into the future.

Embedding these principles in every decision we make allows us to maintain a stable and robust workers’ compensation system for Albertans.

Our strategic focus (where we can make a difference):

We are on a journey to provide excellent customer service and assist injured workers in their recovery and return to work. Outlined in our five-year strategic plan, our priorities guide us as we work to achieve that. Through the life of the plan, we aim to improve return-to-work outcomes, enhance our clients’ experience and maintain financial sustainability of the system.

Our strategic objectives

We focus on our business performance through the use of a innovative objectives. They are a guide for the whole organization, to ensure we're all working together to achieve the same goals and deliver the best possible service to our clients.


  • 2024-2028 strategic plan
    This plan defines our efforts to evolve our workers' compensation system in the years to come.
  • 2024 objectives
    This outlines our key objectives each year. Results are published in our annual report.