Our focus

Our vision (the ideal state):

Albertans working—a safe, healthy and strong Alberta.

Our mission (what we're doing to make it a reality):

WCB-Alberta, working together with our partners, will significantly and measurably reduce the impact of workplace illness and injury on Albertans.

Our priorities (what will lead us there):

The world we live in is constantly changing; as people and as organizations, we are constantly challenged to improve. At WCB-Alberta, we want to get better at what we do because our work impacts the lives of Albertans and their families.

To help us do this, we chose three priorities that ensure injured workers, employers and health care providers feel truly engaged in their workers’ compensation system.


We recognize the experience is as important as the outcome. WCB-Alberta is poised to continue to evolve from a high-performing, outcome-based organization to one that achieves great outcomes in full partnership and collaboration with those it serves.


To deliver fully on our responsibility as custodians of the workers’ compensation system, we must continue to build trust among all stakeholders. As a system that serves workers and employers we understand our decisions must be fair and balanced and grounded on a foundation of evidence, law and policy, through an impartial and transparent process.

Financially sustainable     BALANCED | ENDURING | COST-EFFECTIVE

Financial sustainability of the workers’ compensation system ensures that injured workers will receive the benefits they deserve when they need them over the long term while employers who fund the system will benefit from rate stability and intergenerational equity.

Ensuring that these three priorities are rooted in every decision we make will allow us to maintain a stable and robust workers' compensation system that will continue to serve Albertans well into the future.

Corporate objectives

We focus on our business performance through the use of innovative objectives. They are a guide for the whole organization, to ensure we're all working together to achieve the same goals and deliver the best possible service to our stakeholders.