Board Chair

Erna Ference

Ms. Ference is the past chair of the Alberta Chicken Producers and currently sits on an agricultural safety organization board. She actively farms in the southern part of the province. Nationally, Erna has been a director with the Chicken Farmers of Canada and the Canadian Federation of Agriculture organizations.

Erna’s background includes working in the legal and oil and gas industries. She is a Chartered Professional Accountant/Certified Management Accountant and has completed the Institute of Corporate Director Program.

Competencies required for members of the Board of Directors for the Workers’ Compensation Board include: worker health & wellness; benefit & assessment policy; benefit costing & underwriting; communication & stakeholder engagement; finance & risk management; investment governance & portfolio management; governance; human resources; information technology.

Erna Ference participated in a public agency appointment competition and was appointed on the basis of acceptably meeting the competencies, skills and attributes as described above.