Board Chair

Dr. Ray Block

Dr. Ray Block is a valued leader in Alberta, with over 30 years of leadership experience that includes nearly 10 years in various roles as President, CFO and V.P. of Administration at NAIT and as interim President of Olds College. Since his retirement in 2020, he has been working as a consultant and serves on three different boards. In addition to his role as WCB-Alberta Board Chair, he is the Vice Chair of uDigit Systems and serves as a member on the Out-of-Country Health Services Appeal Board.

Dr. Block brings extensive board experience, including previous service on the Agriculture Financial Services Corporation, Alberta Health Services, Alberta Mental Health and Northern Alberta Institute of Technology boards.

Competencies required for members of the Board of Directors for the Workers’ Compensation Board include: worker health & wellness; benefit & assessment policy; benefit costing & underwriting; communication & stakeholder engagement; finance & risk management; investment governance & portfolio management; governance; human resources; information technology.

Dr. Ray Block participated in a public agency appointment competition and was appointed on the basis of acceptably meeting the competencies, skills and attributes as described above.