Modified duties workshop

Date and time:
  • October 25, 2024, 9:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
$299 (plus GST)

You need your workers back at work and they want to recover quickly. An effective modified work program accomplishes both. It helps your workers recover faster while managing and reducing your costs associated with an injury.

Learn how to build an effective modified work program to help your workers get back to work while they recover. Modifying jobs, performing different tasks or reducing work hours are all types of modified work.

How to develop an effective modified work program:
  • Identify modified work within the worker's original position and in other positions at your work site.
  • Learn what a good modified work program is and how to implement it in your organization.
  • Learn how to share your modified work program with doctors, claim owners and therapists.
  • Identify strategies on how to overcome common problems that come up during return to work.

In a small group setting, participants will work through case studies, learn through discussion and are encouraged to share modified work experiences.

This course works best when taken in conjunction with the physical demands analysis workshop.

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Contact us if you have questions or would like our modified work consultant to help develop a modified work program.