Clearance letters

A clearance letter from WCB-Alberta states whether or not a contractor has coverage through WCB-Alberta, and if their account is in good standing.

When is a clearance letter needed?

A clearance letter indicates if a contractor has their own coverage or would need to be covered as your worker. If the contractor has their own coverage, the letter clears you of responsibility by notifying you if the contractor has paid their WCB premiums. If you do not have a clearance letter and the contractor has not paid their premiums, you may be liable for those premiums. You should get a clearance before you hire the company or individual and before releasing payment.

Visit When is a clearance needed for more information about situations that require a clearance and how to get automatic notifications.

Get a clearance letter

You can get clearance letters for yourself or the companies you hire by:

Clearance letters can be emailed, faxed or printed online.