Policy development and consultation

Section 6 of the Workers' Compensation Act (WCA) authorizes the Board of Directors to determine policy. The WCA, Regulation and policy provide the decision-making framework on entitlements and benefits for injured workers and on the responsibilities of employers.

WCB's Policy Development department supports the Board of Directors in this responsibility by:

  • researching and analyzing policy issues
  • managing WCB’s stakeholder consultation process through our website
  • drafting policy for consideration by WCB's senior management team and the Policy Committee of the Board of Directors

Get more in-depth information about our policy development and consultation process. To view policies currently posted for consultation and to provide comments and feedback, visit our What's new in policy? section.

If you have a question about how a policy applies to your claim or employer account, contact your adjudicator, case manager or account manager directly. Policy Development does not work with individual claims or employer accounts.

If you feel a policy should be changed, you can request a policy review. Please follow the process in the Policies & Information Manual under G-4.

2024-2026 Policy Project Plan

Our policy project plan includes internal and external feedback. The plan lists projects already in the works (current projects) and the ones we aim to work through next (on the horizon). We use quarterly updates to reflect changes in our priorities. Learn more in our 2024-2026 Policy Project Plan.

Current consultations

Consultation is now open on the following topics. Please provide your feedback.

  • Industry custom pricing (ICP) automatic re-polling

    A revision to Policy 07-02, Part II, Application 7, is required to allow us to confirm an industry’s ICP participation and program options on a regular schedule. Review our draft policy and provide your feedback. This posting is open until March 11, 2024.

  • Policy 01-08: Reconsiderations, reviews, and appeals

    We’re reviewing Policy 01-08 to ensure it clearly reflects the intent of the policy: to allow reconsiderations of previous decisions when there is valid new evidence that may change the outcome of the original decision. Review our draft policy and provide your feedback. This posting is open until March 11, 2024.

Closed policy consultations