Company information

Getting hurt at work can disrupt your life. WCB can help minimize the disruption as we help injured workers return to the job and feel like themselves again.

WCB-Alberta was created by government to administer the Workers' Compensation Act for the province's workers and employers. Funded by employers, we provide cost-effective disability and liability coverage for work-related injury and illness. This means we compensate workers for lost income and coordinate the health care and other services they need due to a work-related injury.

We strive for fairness when making decisions that affect the two million workers we cover, and the nearly 170,000 employers whose contributions fund worker benefits, return-to-work programs, and health care services.

Working together with our partners, our goal is to significantly and measurably reduce the impact of workplace illness and injury on Albertans.

Our leadership

Our executive leaders are responsible for creating business objectives and strategies that align us to our vision of a safe, healthy and strong Alberta.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is composed of seven members who are accountable for the performance of the organization.

Our focus

The strategic priorities and annual objectives that guide our day-to-day work.

Annual report & archives

Annual reporting on our business and financial outcomes.

Accountability at WCB-Alberta

The governance and accountability processes that ensure Albertans are well served by their workers' compensation system.