Report an injury

WCB is here to help when an injury occurs at work. To begin the claim process, we need information about the injury from the worker, the employer, and the health care provider.

This page provides access to instructions for each of these parties on how and when to report an injury to WCB.

For workers

If you have been injured at work, we're here to help. It's important you report your injury as quickly as possible to WCB after reporting to your employer, if the treatment required is anything beyond first aid or if you missed time from work. Reporting a workplace injury is your right.

If you are unsure about your injury, report it. The sooner we receive your information, the faster we can process your benefits and provide you with the support you need.

If you feel like you've been pressured not to report your injury, let us know by completing our confidential form.

For employers

When one of your workers is injured on the job, you are required by law to report the injury to WCB within 72 hours. Prompt reporting helps us start the claim process and arrange for the help your worker requires.

For health care providers

WCB works with health care providers to make sure injured workers receive the treatment they need as quickly as possible. Health care providers are required by law to report a workplace injury and treatment to WCB within 48 hours of treatment.