Occupational Injury Service (OIS)

Occupational Injury Service (OIS) is designed for people who are hurt at work. It helps employers and workers by giving injured workers quick access to medical services at specialized clinics throughout the province.

Benefits of OIS

OIS offers quick access to treatment and support for in-depth return-to-work plans. Quick treatment and a safe and early return to work can reduce claims costs and can help you lower your premiums. The specific services offered by OIS include:

  • Fast access to a physician with a background in occupational medicine and WCB-Alberta training (target wait time of 30 minutes or less).
  • Same-day completion and submission of reports*.
  • Fast-tracked diagnostic and treatment services for injured workers.
  • Return-to-work plan development.
  • Retention of skilled and productive workers.
  • Coordination of assessment and treatment communication.
  • Follow-up support.

*Receipt of the report by WCB on the date of the completed examination, which includes up to 10 a.m. the following business day.

OIS costs

The fees associated with using the OIS clinic are applied to the WCB claim that is established as a result of any work-related injury. While the cost of a first visit at an OIS clinic is higher than the cost of a non-OIS clinic visit, the physicians' expertise in work-related injuries at these clinics consistently results in lower overall claim costs.

The fee for your first OIS visit is $299.29* and includes:

  • fitness-for-work reporting – documentation from a physician about your worker’s current physical abilities and any activities they may be restricted from as a result of the workplace injury.
  • a planning conversation with a physician and your worker to discuss the claim and return-to-work options.

*OIS fees are subject to change.

How to access the program

For more OIS fact sheets and posters, visit OIS resources.

Latest OIS updates

Westgate Medicentre is unable to provide OIS services at their Westgate Medicentre location due to recent flooding. They will be closed for 3 weeks, starting Feb 15, 2023. We do apologize for the inconvenience this will cause. Your nearest alternate locations are Westgrove Medicentre or Kingsway Medicentre.

Medicentres Edmonton and Calgary OIS locations offer first and follow-up OIS appointment bookings online. Please visit their website to book an appointment.

Southwell Medical Centre in Edmonton is now offering first and follow-up OIS appointment bookings online. Please visit their website to book an appointment.