Learn how to prevent and minimize the impact of injuries in your workplace. After completing a workshop, you will have the knowledge to reduce and manage time away from work.

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Physical demands analysis workshop

A physical demands analysis defines a job's physical requirements. Having these in place strengthens your modified work program and prepares you if an injury occurs. You will learn how to create a physical demands analysis for the positions in your organization.

Modified duties workshop

Modified work helps your workers recover faster while managing and reducing your costs associated with an injury. Modifying jobs, performing different tasks or reducing work hours are all types of modified work. Learn how to build an effective program to help your workers get back to work while they recover. You will also learn about your responsibility to bring your worker back after a workplace accident.

Office ergonomics workshop

Designed for office supervisors, human resources staff and health and safety specialists to help office employees prevent and reduce discomfort and injury.

Industrial ergonomics workshop

Designed for people working in industries like manufacturing, construction, hospitality, health care and food processing. This workshop will teach you how to identify potential risks using easy-to-understand ergonomic assessment tools.