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WCB-Alberta website privacy statement

Thank you for visiting WCB-Alberta's website and reviewing our privacy statement. As a public body that is subject to Alberta’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act, we recognize the importance of protecting your privacy, including while you visit our site, and when you are using our online services or mobile applications.

WCB-Alberta maintains the confidentiality and privacy of individuals' personal information while collecting, using and disclosing information in compliance with the Workers’ Compensation Act and the FOIP Act. WCB supports the right of individuals or their authorized representatives to access and request corrections to their personal information, subject to any specific restrictions in applicable legislation.

WCB-Alberta will not collect, use or disclose personal information in any manner that is not in accordance with the Workers’ Compensation Act, the FOIP Act, or our established policies and procedures.

Collection of information

In general, you can visit our website without revealing any personal information about yourself. Our web server does log some generic information from you each time you visit our page, such as the average time spent on the site, pages viewed, type of browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc.), and date and time visited, in order to measure the use of the various portions of our site and to improve its content.

If you choose to provide us with personal information (via email to us, by using one of the online services on our site or through our mobile apps), we only use the information provided by you to respond to your message or to help us perform the service you have initiated.

Any personal information you provide via our website or through one of our mobile apps is collected under the authority of Section 33 of the FOIP Act. We retain the information only for the length of time necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected and use that information only for the purpose for which you provided it.

WCB-Alberta uses software and other programs/devices, to monitor for unauthorized or illegal attempts to access, upload, change information, or otherwise damage our Internet based systems and services. Any personal information gathered under these circumstances will only be used for law enforcement purposes.

Use of cookies

General access to our website ( does not involve cookies. However, to provide you with better service and security, some of our online services, such as Electronic Injury Reporting, do require that we place a temporary session cookie on your computer to collect certain information, such as your Internet Service Provider (ISP). A cookie is also used as a secure way to maintain your identity when you log in, assist us in tracking unauthorized access, and enable us to properly link you to your account. For your convenience, these session cookies are deleted when your web browser is closed, or after 15 to 60 minutes of inactivity (depending on the application), whichever comes first.

If you choose not to accept these session cookies you will still be able to use our website. However, you will not be able to access some of our online applications such as Electronic Injury Reporting and Direct Employer Clearance Certificates (DECC).


WCB-Alberta uses reasonable and appropriate technical, organizational and administrative measures to protect information under our control. All of our online services (i.e., mobile apps and desktop computer online services) use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology to enhance data privacy and help prevent loss, misuse or alteration of the information that is provided to us through your use of those systems.

While WCB-Alberta uses all reasonable efforts to safeguard your personal data, no security program is impenetrable, and criminals have been adept at circumventing widely adopted security safeguards. Accordingly, you acknowledge that the use of the Internet is not entirely secure and that you provide personal information to WCB-Alberta at your own risk. WCB-Alberta cannot therefore guarantee the security or integrity of any personal data that is transferred from you or via the Internet. The personal information you submit using Internet services, such as email or by filling out a web-based form and submitting it through our website, is not encrypted and may not be secure while it is in transit to us.

WCB-Alberta is not responsible for the use or misuse of information while it is in transit from your Internet server to ours. If you have any questions about the security of the transmission and storage of information from your server/system to ours, you should contact your Internet service provider.

Other ways to contact us

If you are concerned about sending your personal information to us via the Internet, you can use another method such as fax or mail. Find the appropriate postal address or fax number..

If you have questions regarding the privacy/security of any of our online services, please email the site administrator. If you have questions regarding our privacy practices or have any concerns with WCB’s handling of your personal information, please contact WCB’s FOIP Office.

Your privacy on third-party websites

This website contains links to other sites. If you click on those links they will take you outside WCB-Alberta’s website. WCB-Alberta cannot control and is not responsible for the content and the privacy practices of third-party sites and we encourage users to take appropriate steps to ensure your Internet activities are safe and secure.

If you have any questions about other sites, you should contact that site’s administrator. WCB-Alberta does not use persistent cookies, does not track your movements beyond our website, and does not collect information that we are not authorized by law to collect.

Updates to this privacy statement

Our website privacy statement may be reviewed periodically to ensure we continue to serve the privacy interests of our customers. We reserve the right to change and update our privacy statement without notice. We encourage you to visit this page from time to time to ensure you are aware of any changes we may have made.

Last reviewed February 2021

Terms of use


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The Workers’ Compensation Act remains the final authority on legal obligations and responsibilities in the Alberta workers’ compensation system.

No endorsement

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