Modified work programs

Modified work helps workers return to work at the earliest, safest opportunity and can help their overall recovery. It also helps keep your premium costs low. As an employer, you play a critical role in a worker's recovery by being supportive and offering suitable return-to-work opportunities. Getting back on the job helps injured workers recover faster, regain their independence, and get back to life. Having the right plan in place after a workplace injury—including options for modified work—is good for you and your worker.

Every successful return to work starts with a plan

Successful employers want their workers to stay with their organizations, so they adjust jobs to help their workers stay connected and contributing to the workplace. We are here to help you create an effective plan to support your worker during their recovery and help arrange for their safe return to work.

Modified work helps to reduce the cost of workplace illness and injuries and keeps injured workers job-attached in meaningful ways. Providing timely and appropriate modified duties can help you reduce your worker's time away from work, which can reduce your overall claim costs.

If your worker is required to perform modified duties following a work injury, paying workers their pre-accident rate of pay keeps claim costs down. It also allows your worker to gradually return to full duties while staying connected with meaningful employment.

Modified work makes an impact

The following chart shows the impact an effective modified work program can have on the premiums you pay. Company A and B are similar in size and operations, but company A consistently offers modified work to its employees to reduce their time away from work after an injury. As you can see, this has drastically reduced their lost-time claim volume and days away from work and has a significant impact on the premiums they pay.

Company A

Company B

Assessable earnings

$2.8 million

$3.0 million

Lost-time claim volume (2020 - 2022)



Lost-time days (2020 - 2022)



Experience rating adjustment



Poor performance surcharge



Total employer rate adjustment



Premiums to be paid in 2023



Certificate of Recognition (COR)



PIR incentive potential (20%)



Net premiums



You too can lower your premiums through modified work and we're here to help. For more information and to create your own formalized modified work plan, visit return-to-work planning.