Types of coverage

A workplace injury can be difficult and stressful for everyone involved. Workers' compensation insurance is no-fault insurance providing:

  • Medical and return-to-work support services. Your injured workers will have access to the appropriate medical services to help them safely return to work. This includes chiropractic treatments, physiotherapy, counselling, etc.
  • Protection against loss of income. Compensation for lost wages is based on 90 per cent of the worker's net earnings or income.
  • Lawsuit protection. This includes protection for you, your workers and other parties covered by WCB. (If you're incorporated, the directors must carry optional personal coverage to be protected from lawsuit. Personal coverage provides you with access to the same benefits and services available through workers' compensation insurance.)

Worker coverage

Most employers are required by law to have worker's compensation protection for their workers if they're operating in a compulsory industry. Find out who you have to cover, if you're in an exempt industry and how to sign up for an account.

Personal coverage

When you're an employer, business owner, director of a corporation or in a partnership, personal coverage may be available to you. This provides you the benefits and services available through workers' compensation insurance.

Coverage for contractors and subcontractors

If you hire a contractor or subcontractor who doesn't have their own WCB coverage, they would be covered under your account in most cases. If an injury happens, it could impact your premiums. It's important to know your responsibilities.

Coverage in special circumstances

This section provides you with coverage information about a variety of different circumstances.

Working outside Alberta

Know if your workers are automatically covered through WCB when working out-of-province.