Occupational Injury Service clinics and doctors

Occupational Injury Service (OIS) gives injured workers access to a doctor with experience in work-related injuries. Injured workers are typically seen within 30 minutes of arriving at the clinic. The clinics help injured workers return to work quickly and safely by providing expedited care.

If you've been injured, your employer needs to be signed up for the service before you can access it. It also has to be your first visit after the injury happened, unless your first visit was the emergency room (within 96 hours).

Using an OIS clinic for treatment is voluntary. Workers can go to their own doctor if they prefer.

We want your feedback!

We're always looking for ways to improve the services at our OIS clinics. Please take our quick survey to tell us about your recent OIS clinic visit. Your responses are confidential and help us know what we're doing right...and what we can improve on. Thanks for your help!

How to sign up for OIS

Employers, register for OIS by completing the form. If you have questions, please contact us by email or phone at 780-498-3219.

Find a doctor in an OIS clinic

Why choose OIS

  • Same-day access to a doctor with a background in work-related injuries and WCB training.
  • Expedited diagnostic and treatment services.
  • Same-day completion and submission of reports.
  • Detailed communication to you, your employer and physician about your assessment and treatment.
  • Individualized return-to-work plan.
  • Coordination of assessment and treatment communication.
  • Follow-up support.

In addition to these benefits, OIS helps reduce claim costs because the worker is getting care and reporting faster. Learn how OIS can lower employer premiums.


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