Employment services

Our first focus is to help you return to work with your employer. If you are not able to return to your date-of-accident job, we may be able to help you get some training or equipment so you can go back to work in your regular job or in a different job with your employer. If a job change is needed, we can also help. Your case manager will talk to you about your options and opportunities. We will help you develop a return-to-work plan.

To start this process, your case manager will refer you for a Re-employment Triage Assessment. This involves meeting with a member of the re-employment team at Millard Health to talk about your goals and interests, your employment background and your experience. They will then make recommendations for services that will best help you meet your employment goals.

The employment specialist may recommend a variety of services such as:

  • Training (e.g., to help you develop your computer or customer service skills),
  • An ergonomic assessment to see if you need any special equipment or aides to go back to work,
  • Online training to help you develop job search skills,
  • Assistance to identify new jobs that would suit your skills and interests,
  • Help to develop a resume, and/or
  • Job search support.

You and your case manager will discuss the recommendations and, together, you will develop a plan. Once this plan is confirmed, your services will start.

We want to help you succeed. Your case manager will be happy to answer any questions you have about the employment services you may be eligible for.