Employment services

Our occupational experts are here to help you prepare for and find a new job. With our one-on-one support and group workshops we will help you develop a return-to-work plan. Looking for and finding a new job can be stressful—we are here to help.

One-on-one services

These services are designed to help you return to work after a job change or job separation. We will help you develop your skills to find and secure a job.

Academic assessment

This assessment will help us decide if you are a good candidate for an educational program or long-term retraining. It includes standardized psychological testing and the test results will be reviewed by a psychologist.

Career counselling

We work with you to identify job options that match your abilities and are available in or near the community where you live.

Job coaching

If you need help adjusting to a new job or returning to your previous job after an injury, the job coaching service provides onsite support for both you and your employer to make sure you are successful in your return to work. This includes developing a gradual return-to-work plan, if needed.

Resumé development /review

Learn to write a resumé that will stand out and help you get selected for interviews.

Return-to-work skills profile

Together we outline your current skills and abilities to help identify realistic employment options. This could include educational background, work history, interests, hobbies, and language ability.

Supported job search

We help you during your job search by reviewing job search techniques, helping identify potential new employers and collaborate before and after job interviews.


The workshops encourage independence and provide you with the necessary skills to find and secure a job.

How to research and look for a job

This workshop provides you with computer-related job-search skills. You will learn how to post resumes, apply for positions online and search for job options.

Learn to write a cover letter

You will learn how to write a strong cover letter.

Resumé writing

Provides you with the tools and resources to create a resume that highlights your skills, education and value to potential employers.

Job interview skills

You will participate in a mock interview and learn about human rights and employment standards.

Building motivation

Enhances your goal-setting abilities and strategies while encouraging you to focus on a successful return-to-work plan.