Finding support and hope

COVID is complicated. For some it’s an inconvenience. For Leanne, it’s life changing.

As a clinical nurse educator/instructor at Edmonton’s Misericordia Community Hospital, Leanne was a front-line worker when COVID-19 started making its appearance in the city. She was exposed to COVID at the hospital in June 2020, and that’s when her life took a dramatic turn.

Leanne went from not feeling well to being admitted into the hospital quickly. As she was struggling to breathe with the help of a ventilator, little did she know that the WCB case manager quietly talking with her sister would soon become her beacon of hope.

photo of Leanne smiling

Finding an unexpected friend in tough times

Leanne says Mani Singh’s comforting presence has guided her through some challenging times, not only in the hospital but as she continues to deal with the long-term health impacts of COVID one year later.

“All of this is so overwhelming. Mani is my cheerleader and at times had to be a tough coach. He guided me through this very difficult journey with kindness, honesty and professionalism,” says Leanne.

“He listened and encouraged me when I was afraid I’d never get back to ‘normal’. I recognize I have several more steps to take before I reach my goal of going back to work. With the support and guidance of Mani and my program, I will get there.”

Navigating through uncertainty

Leanne’s recovery is an ongoing, constant process and she’s currently enrolled in the traumatic psychological injury and post-COVID programs at Millard. The programs focus on a multi-faceted rehabilitation approach to help her deal with the long-term effects of COVID, including mental fatigue, pain and dizziness.

Mani says Leanne’s progress in the program has been amazing.

“Leanne is faced with a lot of uncertainty as to how long her recovery process will take. It was important that I not only support her but also give her hope. And the results of that hope are evident in Leanne’s progress. She’s now in a return-to-work program at Millard and that’s a goal she never thought she would get to.”

Leanne credits Mani for helping her come this far. He has been with her every step of the way.

“I’m lucky to have Mani in my corner.”

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