Get the training-on-the-job program working for you:

You never know when opportunity will come knocking.

For Fae Campbell, her opportunity started a year earlier when Westcan’s Dan Columbus began working with WCB’s training-on-the-job (TOJ) program. Dan and his team were looking for innovative ways to build their company’s safety training program.

They were looking for experienced candidates who knew the industry—candidates like Fae. She is a veteran in the trucking industry but couldn’t go back to her original job as a truck driver after her workplace injury.


The TOJ program is designed for situations like these

The TOJ program helps people who were injured at work and no longer able to go back to their regular job or employer. As part of the program, the worker develops skills and gains alternative work experience while the employer receives financial and other support from WCB during the training period.

When Westcan contacted WCB about the positions they had to fill, WCB’s Deborah Nilsen and Colleen Fenwick got to work. They helped Dan and his team find the right candidates for the four available jobs. Not an easy task says Dan, considering there were over 30+ qualified candidates to choose from.

“We’re highly appreciative of the help we received as they hand-picked motivated people for us to talk to. It was a very successful recruitment and selection process.”

– Dan, VP of Health, Safety & Environment at Westcan

Part of a larger vision in the trucking industry

The Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA) is leading this charge, educating their members on the important role employers play in decreasing the human and financial costs of permanent disabilities in their sector.

Thanks to AMTA’s leadership and the industry’s ability to leverage workers’ expertise, the transportation sector saw their lowest permanent disability wage loss volumes since 2015. This is great news for employers like Westcan, who gain valuable team members and expertise. It’s also great news for workers like Fae, who is now part of Westcan’s Central Learning Centre (CLC) and supporting and mentoring the company’s driving force and safety advisors.

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