Policy Project Planning

Your opinion matters to us.

We have implemented significant legislation-driven policy changes over the last four years. Thank you for your contributions to this effort. Now we’d like your feedback on where you feel we should focus next through our policy project plan. Your involvement in our policy process helps us set the right focus as we look ahead.

The consultation process takes a significant amount of effort from our stakeholder community. To ensure we can take the time needed to allow for feedback, we will create a multi-year policy project plan. In this way, stakeholders can plan to participate in consultation, and we can build in sufficient room for emerging priorities while ensuring we take the time to re-evaluate existing policy.

We began several projects prior to the pandemic which will remain on our list:

  • Reimbursement of housekeeping expenses prior to December 1, 2013
  • Third party recoveries – cost relief – unknown or uninsured third parties
  • Medical cannabis policy
  • Permanent disability

Now we need your feedback on what policies you feel should be reviewed next.

What do we need to do to ensure our workers’ compensation system continues to meet the needs of workers and employers now and into the future? How is your work environment changing and how can we respond better? Your feedback helps us build a comprehensive policy plan that reflects the opportunities and concerns of all stakeholders.

Thank you.

WCB invites your input on the policy project plan.

The posting will be open for comment until October 4, 2021.

Policy Feedback

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